Public Star Night 18 October 2019 – Dr Robert Arn – “Nightscape Photography: Exploring the World at Night”.

Our guest speaker is Dr Robert Arn from Northrop-Grumman Corporation in Colorado Springs, CO, and the title of his presentation is “Nightscape Photography: Exploring the World at Night”.

Juxtapose wide open meadows, towering mountains, and vast deserts against the night sky using modern DSLR and mirrorless digital cameras. Showcase the wonders of the world underneath a blanket of stars.

During this talk, we will delve into the technical and artistic, planning and improvising, as well as the capturing and processing of landscape astro-photographic and nightscape images. We will walk through how to start capturing simple nightscape images with minimal camera equipment and will also show what is possible through a progression of additional amateur or consumer-grade equipment and techniques.

Dr. Robert Arn has spent more than 10 years exploring the night sky through astro-photography. He is the current manager of the Front Range Astronomical Community and a former astronomy instructor at Colorado State University.

Robert received his PhD in Mathematics at Colorado State University in 2016. He currently works as a software architect / engineer at Northrop Grumman. His background and research interests are in image processing, optimization, and geometric data analysis.

Weather permitting after the presentation, visitors will be invited to look through our large telescope at various celestial objects. Public star nights are held the third Friday of each month, except July, when we are closed for annual maintenance.

If you have any questions, please call the observatory information line at 970-613-7793 or check the LTO web site at

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