The Truth about EMP – Open to the Public

The Truth about EMP
Open to the Public
August 27th, 2015 at 7:00 pm

Electromagnetic Pulse: Separating Fact from Fiction

Physicist Joe Bowden will present an overview of what science really knows about Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP), originating both from natural events and man-made causes such as military weapons and terrorist devices, during a session open to the public at the Little Thompson Observatory in Berthoud, Colorado, on August 27, 2015, at 7:00 PM.

EMP has been sensationalized in the movies and by the media as a threat that might end modern technological society. As Joe puts it, “EMP effects are serious enough in reality that they don’t need to be sensationalized.”

Joe’s presentation will provide valuable insights to professionals from telecommunications, utilities, information technology, transportation, business and finance sectors as well as members of the general public wanting to learn more about the actual EMP risk to home appliances, electronics and vehicles.

Joe was science and technology advisor to the Director of Nuclear Operations at the U.S. Strategic Command, where he was a recognized authority on the effects of EMP. Joe was fortunate to partner with a world-class expert on the effects of EMP and space weather on the power grid and will also present information on this.

Joe will present, at the unclassified level, the same kind of direct, research-based information that he briefed to senior generals and civilian policy makers. After the presentation, Joe will be available for questions or detailed technical discussions.

Attendees at this session are welcome to park in the east-side parking lot of Berthoud High School, 850 Spartan Avenue, Berthoud, Colorado. The observatory is the blue building with two white telescope domes, just to the north of the parking lot. There is limited parking closer to the observatory up the gravel driveway for those needing assistance. For more information about the observatory, including detailed driving directions, please visit the LTO website at

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