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LTO - both telescopes installed 2010

LTO – both telescopes installed 2010

The night sky is wondrous, filled with countless swirling galaxies, ancient clusters with hundreds of thousands of stars, massive clouds of gas and dust where stars are forming today, aging stars that hurl great shells of matter into space, and so much more.

Many of these sights are easily visible from Earth, but few people have witnessed them personally.

The Little Thompson Observatory can change that for you. Our mission is to help people of all ages learn about the universe by offering a first-hand experience with astronomy.

The Little Thompson Observatory (LTO) offers no-charge public access to the wonders of the night sky, either on one of our regularly scheduled public nights, or as a private group affair. When the weather co-operates, each session includes a guided tour of the sky using our large (18″) telescope.

The Observatory is located on the grounds of the Berthoud High School in Berthoud, CO. We’re an all-volunteer organization that survives on donations of time, talent, and money.

Operated by the Little Thompson Science Foundation, the LTO has supported K-12 science education since 1996.

Software for running the telescope is generously provided by Software Bisque. Software includes: The Sky and CCDSoft.

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